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When we think of our childhood, we can easily bring that kids back in our minds. However at that time everything was so much different than today from child's perspective. Nowadays kids are surrounded by tons of plastic, worthless crap. In 90's we were all collecting it and giving it reasonable meanings. Our drawers were full of all kinds of stickers, cards, bottle caps or figures and only we knew its value. It was not just a hobby. It was a true contest. Like having a unique sticker of a great car from "TURBO" bubble gum, was an opportunity to impress your friends. Especially when on polish streets you could only see really shitty cars that barely drove. 90's were not that cool for us – polish kids, the first generation of early capitalism. We were dreaming about fancy life from TV and magazines but there was no guarantee that it will be possible on the long run. But nowodays we only remember the good stuff, right? Even if your dad was driving some old crap, thanks to our imagination we exactly knew how cool would it be to grab a racer, and make some car jumps...


-- Team --
Marta Fijak
Marek Ozimina
Krystian Mrozowski

Install instructions


Space - start game/spawn next car

Arrows - Steering a car

Ctrl - Rotate a car after jump for better effects


build.rar 11 MB

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